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Ignite your spark

With Kim Duff Selby


We're delighted to have you here, and we want you to know that this space is all about you. Whether you're seeking knowledge, inspiration, or just a friendly conversation, you've found the right place.

Our community is built on curiosity, learning, and connection.

We believe that every question asked and every idea shared is a step toward personal growth and a more informed world. So don't hesitate to ask, discuss, and explore. Your voice matters, and your presence enriches our community.

About me

If you are reading this, you are curious as to who I am and what I may have to offer. I admit that what I wish to do changes on a yearly basis. Woman’s prerogative remember? Heading into my third act, I have come to realize that what I wish to do is empower women. I am not a guru or a fairy godmother. I am a curious seeker of information. I like to question people (ie. interview) in order to learn and apply those lessons to my own life (and now to yours as well). I need empowering as much as the next person, but I have learned how to Ignite my own spark for more laughter and true happiness, and thus my desire to empower women to help them shine!

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THE Podcast

Conversations that will encourage
you to share your light!

We all have a spark inside and right now the world needs our light.

I invite you to listen to me weekly as I share musings and interviews

with entrepreneurs, coaches, entertainers, authors, spiritual leaders,

artists and really cool people who will inspire and motivate you.

Occasionally I will share my own tips and tricks for getting lit. 

“Working with me will awaken the glow inside of you and assist you in stepping out of your comfort zone and into a life filled with more joy,laughter and happiness.” 

Kim Duff Selby

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ignite your spark

Located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, I work with clients in-person, or internationally via Zoom.

I also travel around the world speaking and hosting workshops.

Please fill out your details below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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