About ME

who am i?

If you are reading this, you are curious as to who I am and what I may have to offer. I admit that what I wish to do changes on a yearly basis. Woman’s prerogative remember? Heading into my third act, I have come to realize that what I wish to do is empower women. I am not a guru or a fairy godmother. I am a curious seeker of information. I like to question people (ie. interview) in
order to learn and apply those lessons to my own life (and now to yours as well). I need empowering as much as the next person, but I have learned how to Ignite my own spark for more laughter and true happiness, and thus my desire to empower women to help them shine!

MY background

From the time I was 7, I wanted to be an actress. I always delighted in donning boas and tiaras, tutus and high tops, dancing, singing and pretending. Fashion was a part of this passion and I have been involved in the fashion industry in some form or another for over 30 years (shopping
doesn’t count, although I have done more than my fair share of that!) I have seen it all and worn it all. From hot pants and fringed vests to bow ties and power suits. My style has gone hither and yon as I experimented while expressing myself via what I wore. I didn’t always shine, I can assure you of that. However, I had a wonderful time playing, experimenting and creating
different personas of the day.


Went to an all girls school in Florida for 6 years (I could write a book) and travelled north to earn a degree in English from Colgate University in upstate New York (learned how to walk in snow). Loved the snow so much (insert smiley face) that when accepted to The Newhouse School at Syracuse University in Broadcast Journalism, I said heck yea and a masters degree
follows my name.

THE NYC years - 8 of them

I drank coffee on soap operas, tried out for Broadway shows, and performed in many community theatre productions. I also worked. For money. I had “real” jobs and I also sold sandwiches in hair salons. Favorite real job - GLAMOUR Magazine - where I brought the pages of the Magazine to life around the country via fashion shows and live presentations.


Had my fill of “the city” and SF was calling. As Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue, Palo Alto, I honed my fashion show skills and ended up producing, choreographing and directing fashion shows for 20 years, through my company Kim’s Fashion Fun. Meanwhile, I married a patient, funny amazing guy, and had two sparkling offspring, one of each variety. LOVES of my life.

and now...

I am the host of my own podcast – IGNITE YOUR SPARK, an Intuitive Sparkle Coach, a speaker, workshop facilitator, certified yoga instructor and a Shine and Sparkle enthusiast. I am the Co-host of The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast I am the San Francisco Editor of The Three Tomatoes Lifestyle newsletter. I am a personal stylist for men via J. Hilburn. kimselby.jhilburn.com


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